Object of the website

sidikaedu.gr is an e-trade and presentation website accessible through the internet. It presents its products to internet users or users navigating over the Website (the “Site” or the “Website”). SIDIKA EDU is based in Vaktrianis 11, Zografou, Attiki 157 72, email. info@sidikaedu.gr

Access to and use of the Website, the products and services available through it (hereinafter “Services”) are subject to the following terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms of Use”). The use of the Services implies the unconditional acceptance of the Terms of Use, as they apply each time. The company reserves the right to change the Terms of Use at its discretion and without prior notice. It is recommended that users check this page from time to time to be informed of any changes to the Terms of Use.

Access to sidikaedu.gr is allowed during its operation, but the company reserves the right to cancel, suspend or terminate its Services, without justification and without prior notice to the user / consumer / visitor / member (hereinafter « Users ») of sidikaedu.gr.

The use of sidikaedu.gr by each user is at his own risk and its content can in no way be interpreted as providing advice, direct or indirect encouragement to users to take any action.

Description of service

sidikaedu.gr promotes and sells its products.. The company reserves the right to freely choose the products it promotes on sidikaedu.gr and to modify, renew and / or withdraw them at any time and without prior notice to users.

The same applies to the pricing policy and any offers / discounts or coupons which sidikaedu.gr can modify, renew or / and withdraw at any time and without prior notice.

General use

By using sidikaedu.gr and / or submitting an order through it, you undertake:

  1. Use the website only to be informed about our Services, to submit legitimate questions or orders.
  2. Do not place false or fraudulent orders. If we reasonably consider that such an order has been placed we have the right to cancel it and inform the competent authorities.
  3. Provide us with your correct and accurate e-mail address (e-mail), your e-mail address and / or other contact details.

You also agree that we may use this information to contact you if necessary.

Intellectual property – Trademarks

sidikaedu.gr and its content (which includes all trademarks, insignia, patents, names, texts, images, graphics, drawings, photographs, programs, information material of any kind, data, software) is intellectual property of the company and is subject to protection of the relevant provisions of Greek, EU and international law.

It is pointed out that according to Law 2121/1993 (as amended and in force today), the Bern International Convention (ratified by Law 100/1975) and the relevant provisions on the protection of intellectual property on the Internet, it is expressly prohibited to engage in any form of copying, modification, interference, transfer, distribution, resale, lease, republishing, reproduction, retransmission in electronic or mechanical form, storage, printing, production of work, downloading or misleading the public about the actual entity of the content.

The content of sidikaedu.gr does not constitute and in no case should be construed as a grant of express or implied license or right of use, of any Trademark appearing in it without the written permission of the Company or third parties who may hold the Trademarks. appearing in it. The trademarks, logos, insignia that appear on sidikaedu.gr and the depictions of persons or places or things that are part of its content, are the property of the Company or third parties. Based on the above, the complete or partial copying, distribution, transport, processing, storage, reproduction, republishing, modification and any related action of the above data, without any explicit prior written consent of the company is expressly prohibited.

Responsibility of the company

Any user of sidikaedu.gr fully and unquestionably accepts the exclusive right of the company to stop using his / her passwords in the services of sidikaedu.gr and to stop the availability of its content and information, whenever he considers (the company) that the present terms are violated by him (user / consumer / visitor / member) or that they are carried out or there are indications and / or complaints that illegal acts or omissions are carried out by him. Also, the company may terminate, suspend, modify the operation of sidikaedu.gr in its entirety or in part, permanently or temporarily at any time with or without prior notice to the user of sidikaedu.gr.

The company is not responsible for damages and expenses that arise in connection with the use of sidikaedu.gr, by any person, or in relation to inability to perform, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay of operation or transmission or system line drop. In the event of damage, harm, or infection by an electronic virus to a computer or other electronic medium used by a user to access / visit / use or to download any material, data, text, images, videos, or audio of its content, the Company holds absolutely no responsibility.

Other terms

a) Jurisdiction – Applicable Law
The specific terms and conditions as well as any modification, are governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law. For any dispute arising from the use of sidikaedu.gr, the competent courts of Piraeus have jurisdiction.

b) Invalidity of a term
If one of the above terms is or becomes invalid, the remaining terms of this contract will not be affected in the slightest.

c) Modification of terms of use
These terms of use may be modified at any time by the company with or without prior notice / notification to users. Any modification of the terms is valid by posting them on sidikaedu.gr. Users are obliged to inform themselves about the content of any changes / changes to the terms.

d) Delay in exercising a right
Any delay in exercising part or all of the rights included in these terms by the parties (company and consumer) does not result in a weakening that right which may be exercised at a later stage.

e) Acceptance of terms
The user of sidikaedu.gr states that he has read these terms and the content of the privacy policy which he accepts in its entirety.